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About More Blog Income


Rachel and Me being slightly cheesy

Pleased to see you here!

My name is Adam, and that's my amazing wife Rachel in the picture with me.

I'm a blogger and, after a few years of learning the ropes (I am still learning) I decided it was time to give something back to the wider community.

In my forties, I live with Rachel, my teenage daughter Niamh and twin 4 year old boys Archie and Dexter.

I've been lucky enough to be a full-time blogger for a couple of years now. Before that, I used to run an ecommerce site with a turnover of more than $1million per week​, which is where I honed my blogging-into-business skills.

You see, like so many other bloggers (you included?) I​'d been blogging for about five years and barely making a penny. I'd get up at 5am every morning, work for 90 minutes on my website and then go an do a full time corporate job. My websites included one on cheese making (seriously!) and another on country crafts like bread baking, wild food harvesting and homebrewing.

Then, at around the same time, two thing happened which made all the difference. I started an astronomy blog and I got promoted at work to be a director for their large (but unprofitable for 7 years) ecommerce site.​ It was lucky, sure, but I made the most of it. My blogging experience informed my corporate strategy and my corporate experience taught me techniques for making money on my own blog.

Less than two years later I'd almost doubled the corporate business and ​delivered the first profit in a decade. At home, I had grown my astronomy blog to the point where it provided me with a solid income and lots of potential for the future.

I then had the chance to walk away from the corporate and work for myself. It's an opportunity I wanted for many years and I jumped at it.​

I Started MBI Because I Was Frustrated!​

I've enjoyed reading income reports of bloggers finding their way through this craft.

But, over time, ​I began to see that pretty much everyone who talks about blogging is focussed on the new starters. And that's great - it's a big and growing market - but there are lots of us who are well past the newbie phase who want help to grow our websites into a business. 

When you look around the web for people helping bloggers transform decent websites with a good income into a thriving business, they are few and far between.

More annoyingly, those you can find seem to be run by people who make money blogging by selling products which help people make money blogging. There are scant few examples of people who actually make money blogging about something that appeals to non-bloggers.​

Ultimately, I created MoreBlogIncome.com (MBI) to fulfill my own need. I've created an enjoyable and profitable website for astronomers, but what do I do next to grow it into a thriving business?

​How Can I Help You?

I've got a wealth of experience now both at the kitchen table and the corpoprate board room in running porfitable websites.

What I want to do with MBI​ is create a valuable resource for growing blogs. I want to help the part time blogger grow the great work they've already done into a mortgage-paying asset that they and their family can rely upon for regular, good income.

One thing I've learned about growing a blog is it never quite follows the path you'd expect. But, right now, you can look forward to articles which will help you in these areas:

  • Blogging as a Business
  • Affilaite Income
  • Traffic Growth
  • Product Offers
  • Blog Design for ​Income
  • Email List Building and Marketing

You can also expect regular case studies of bloggers who are already getting it right and ones who could make a small tweak or two to what they currently have for a big pay off.

If you'd like your site to feature on an MBI case study, then reach out to me at Adam@MoreBlogIncome.com

I'm Also for Hire

If you'd like a little more personal help, I can be hired by the hour.

I'm afraid I don't come cheap, but that's because I'll take the time to review all your ​business analytics as well as your front end before I get on Skype to chat through your personalized recommendations for growth.

Reach out to me at Adam@MoreBlogIncome.com for more information.

If you'd like my help but you're are looking after your cashflow, just order one of my standard reports. I personally complete every one of these but they're cheaper than a direct conversation.​

O.K. enough chat - let's go grow your blogging business shall we?​