Over $1,000 Earned Blogging in February 2018 - More Blog Income

February 2018 Income Report

There are a million places you can read about why bloggers produce income reports, so I won't retread those boards here. Suffice to say that you are not likely to read this as I am not likely to publish it, so let's just get into the nitty gritty, shall we?

The only thing to note is that all of this info applies only to my main website (LNS) as I still haven't really got this one, or any of the others, up and running.

February 2018 Blog Stats

Metrics for the month are below, numbers in brackets are for the month before:

  • Hours Worked: 55:37 (65:57) - half term fell in this month and snow, which hit hours. Also, it was Feb, so there were three days less than in January. Even so, I don't like to fall below 60 hours now.
  • Articles published: 4 (4) - Aiming for 6 in March, excluding this income report
  • Visitors: 13,967 (13,860)
  • Organic Sessions: 11,348 (11,068) - Some growth, even though shorter month
  • Page Views: 16,771 (16,853)
  • Email List: 1,568 (1,363)
  • Revenue: $1,163.84 ($876.53) - Increases are good. For those of you new to this report, I am trying to get to $3k per month. It is slow progress and I am running out of time!

What Happened in February?

Interestingly, I applied for a job. I'll spare you the long story that goes with that statement, but it ended with no job but a free bottle of champagne, hurrah!

With respect to The Grey One Ltd (my business) it became clear to me (for about the fifth time in the past year) that I have to focus on LNS to the exclusion of everything else for at least the time being.

That's the place where I am making ok money ($1,000+ is not a bad side income, but a long way from a salary) and where it should be much easier to make an additional $1,000 compared to building up MBI, or LTW, or any of my other ventures.

Once I realized that, I have been head down working on growing what I have, which I'll speak about in the 'plans for March' section.

The only other thing to mention for Feb was a very interesting video conference call that I had with the owners of a big piece of software in my niche, talking to me about the possibility of partnering up on something. 

There was a lot of 'talk' but nothing firm. So, it was exciting and if anything tangible comes of it, it will be great. For now though, I expect nothing other than watching this space.

Plans for March

In a nutshell I am all in on LNS.

I surveyed my audience about a membership site in Feb and got about 100 responses which were really useful. So my plan is to set up a 3-month trial and see what happens. I think I could charge $9 per month, so 100 members would almost double current income and would be 'guaranteed' instead of being largely affiliate / product sales.

In Feb I also realised that my LNS site is large enough to have Ezoic test ad-placements on it (needs over 10,000 visitors per month). I am NOT a fan of ads, but I prefer them to getting a job, so I am giving them a go to see what happens.

As I write this I am experiencing teething problems but if I can get the other side of them, they could bring in $100-$150 per month on current traffic, which leads me to...

Traffic generation. This is my number one strategy right now and I have two tried and tested approaches that I'm following.

Number one is to publish more useful content. The more I rank for, the more traffic I get. The more traffic I get, the more sales, memberships, affiliate & ad revenue I can generate. 

I had a wonderful brainstorm in Feb about the kind of content I could produce for my audience, invested in a couple of '50 things to [niche]' books which will help me corale it and know where I'm going to kick off. My target for March is to publish 6 articles on LNS, with the non-affiliate ones all around one particular sub-niche that I want to rank for.

Number two tactic for growing traffic is link building. I've never done it before, but my very next job after finishing this post is to start my first outreach campaign.

The idea is that more relevant links = more authority = higher rankings = more traffic. Which brings me back to the number one strategy have for growing income: more traffic and more affiliate articles, i.e. improve what already works.

The note to finish on for Feb is my beginners course to [niche].

Man... I just can't seem to get traction on shifting it.

I don't know where to go next with it. It sucks money up in the form of FB ads and DeadlineFunnel but I am not making the sales. I've had four different attempts at improving the funnel with no meaningful progress.

Not sure I'll be doing much with it in March.

Perhaps the best thing I can do is work on getting more 'free' sign-ups from my website, rather than relying on FB, and tweaking the sales funnel. It will become easier to test funnels when I can get more people into it... which means I need more traffic!

The other (and perhaps best) way of dealing with it would be to hire someone with more experience than me of funnel building to have a go. It would need to be worth the money though...

I'll update you on that one, and all the other stuff, in April.